Welcome to dpm’s documentation!

dpm (data package manager) is a command line tool and python library and for working with Data Packages and interacting with data hubs like those powered by CKAN such http://thedatahub.org/.

dpm is a simple way to ‘package’ data building on existing packaging tools developed for code. By putting data in a package, it gets labelled with standardized metadata and can be put in a dpm repository, such as http://thedatahub.org/ or a local one. Once in such a repository, the packages are easy to find and retrieve.


Getting Started: Developers

Source git repository can be found at: http://github.com/okfn/dpm

For developers we recommend starting with the design document:

There are also a set of use cases and research on other similar tools:

Extending Datapkg

Datapkg has a rich plugin architecture that makes it easy to extend.

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